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I trained as a Doula in 2018 with Kicki Hansard at the Birthbliss Academy in London. I am a 'mentored' Doula registered under the professional body Doula UK. This means that I am still working towards my full recognition under the support of a highly experienced Doula (Siobhan Smith - The Birth Doula), in a sense you get two doulas for the price of one as I can call on my mentors guidence at any time we feel we need more expert support.


My fee reflects that I am still not fully recognised with a discount to clients helping me achieve this status. 

Although I may be not fully recognised yet I feel I bring a wealth of fresh knowledge and enthusiasm to the role and have a range of qualifications and skills I can bring to support you through the whole journey from pregnancy to motherhood. I continue to educate myself and learn new skills to better the service I offer. 


It is my passion to ensure women enter birth and parenthood feeling fully informed and educated knowing they have choices and differnet options available to them. Feeling confident in their decision making, empowered in their abilities and positive about what is to come. Knowing they are well supported, entering this chapter of their lives without fear or anxiety.


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* What is a Doula?

* Birth Doula Service

* Postnatal Doula Service

* Hypnobirthing / Antenatal Workshops

I hope you find something that sings to you and you want to know more, I would love to meet you and see if I can support you on this amazing life changing journey xx

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