Online Classes....

Cant get to a class?? Want to enjoy more at home??

Well now you can, wherever and whenever you like with my online classes!

To access the videos you will need to purchase a monthly subscription 


You can then get unlimited access to the classes you wish and you can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Although I do believe that the classes give you the most benefit and there are things you get from a class that you wont get online I understand that for some parents it is very difficult to get to a class for various reasons eg having older children, working on the days class runs or not being in the area/its too far to travel. So I wanted to create a way that I can share my classes with even more families and so here it is! It is still a work in progress - so feedback is most welcome. I aim to keep adding new videos throughout the year to keep it up to date and add new content.

I hope you enjoy!

Kimberley xx

Created by Kimberley Boyd of Snuggles and Smiles

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